Specialist Tree Health Surveys, Woodland Establishment and Woodland Management Services.

Acres Wild Woodlands Ltd can create and manage your woodlands for the future in the UK and Europe.  We are experienced in all current Tree Health threats to UK Trees and Woodlands, having delivered survey work for the Forestry Commission on tree pests and diseases including Oak Processionary Moth, Ash Dieback (Chalara) and Sweet Chestnut Blight amongst others.

Background to our work

With more than 25 years experience in forestry and woodland management, we work to promote more sustainable woodland management practices and encourage new woodland expansion. We manage our own small woodlands in UK and in Sweden. We are contractors for the Forestry Commission’s Tree Health Contract across many areas of England where we survey for a range of tree pests and diseases.

Respecting the Environment, and planting more trees!

We avoid pesticide use, employing practical and proven alternatives for successful tree establishment for example. We are committed to upholding the UK Woodland Assurance Standard,  including our commitment to the objective of protection and maintenance of the long term ecological integrity of all woodlands we manage or advise on.

Our newly acquired woods in Scotland are to be restored from a former Sitka spruce clearfell site to a more robust native woodland mix using both planting of 25,000 new trees and natural regeneration, and including several new wildlife ponds.

Our small woodland in England, a former larch plantation with some boundary oaks retained, is regenerating to mixed woodland of predominantly birch and oak and will soon require thinning.

We own a small woodland in Sweden which we manage using continuous cover forestry principles and seed tree retention which is practiced widely in this heavily forested area. The respect for and protection of nature in Sweden is exemplary and inspirational, and promoted throughout society from early school years.

Woodland conservation and reforestation organisations we support

We support the work of woodland restoration charities including Tree Aid in Africa and the wonderful Caledonian forest restoration and expansion work of Trees For Life