About Acres Wild Woodlands Ltd

Acres Wild Woodlands Ltd works throughout UK on woodland and land based projects, aimed at increasing woodland cover and encouraging sustainable woodland management. The focus of much of our recent work in the last 8 years has been on supporting the Tree Health work of the Forestry Commission as lead contractor under a Plant Health Framework Contract, surveying for a number of pests and diseases currently threatening the UK woodland resource.

Tree health surveys and new tree planting

We are experienced in surveying for the full range of tree pests and diseases currently threatening the UK’s woodland resource.  This includes extensive surveys to locate and sample for Sweet Chestnut Blight, binocular survey to locate and record Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) and field survey of Ash Dieback (Chalara) for example.

Initially starting out in 1990 as forestry and a tree planting contractor we have been planting trees for 30 years. Whether planting several thousand trees on farms or re stock sites for large landowners, or much smaller community planting initiatives, we relish any opportunity to support your tree planting ideas and projects for the future.

We have also acquired a 40 acre clearfell site in Scotland we are now underway with restoring back to more natural woodland.

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